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Stacey Holden BA (Hons) Dip ICCH is a trainer in the field of interpersonal skills, qualified crystal therapist and mum. She is senior partner of Ki Training, a company specializing in unlocking potential. She has worked with Nine Star Ki since 1996 having studied with experts in the UK and USA, and has pioneered the creation of Ki Profiles – comprehensive personality profiles based on Nine Star Ki – as a development tool for individuals and teams. Stacey Holden may be contacted on Tel/Fax: 01985 845 046; info@kitraining.com    www.kitraining.com     

Articles by Stacey Holden

  1. Nine Star Ki - Powerful Wisdom for Personal Transformation

    Listed in astrology

    Nine Star Ki (pronounced key – the Japanese word for energy or life-force), may be the oldest form of astrology in the world. It has its origins in China, coming from the 400...

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