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Sophie Dassy was born in the French-speaking part of Belgium and has a BA degree in Philosophy and a MA in Social Communication. In 1989, she went on to study Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese philosophy (Taoism) in Beijing where she stayed and worked for 7 years in news agencies and Embassies. She met her husband in China, they married in Tahiti and have three children now. The family moved to Hong Kong in 1999 and in order to reconcile with her interests for herbs and oils as well as her will to use natural remedies at home, Sophie obtained a diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy and a Certificate of Baby Massage instructor. The family is now preparing to move to Quebec province in Canada. She can be contacted on sophioli@net-yan.com

Articles by Sophie Dassy

  1. Giving Birth Away From Home

    Listed in women's health

    In this article, Sophie Dassy talks about her experiences with the health care system in China and Hong Kong, compared with her home in Brussels.

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