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Simon Padgham, who passed away in March 2012, was an Integral Health Coach and Yoga teacher based in London. He owned and rans the Integral Life Practice an organisation passionate about and committed to pioneering the growth and development of health coaching in the UK. Trained in health & wellness coaching, nutrition, yoga, ayurveda and energy psychology, Simon worked with individuals and groups to help them adopt and integrate health and lifestyle changes to reach their goals for living peaceful, balanced, and energised lives.

Simon was passionate about health coaching and believed it is the missing link in modern health care. Rather than simply making a diagnosis and then sending his patients away with a prescription Simon provided ongoing support and collaboration in partnership to guide them to make the lasting and sustained health behaviour changes they need. Working with a health coach is a truly empowering and transformative process. More information on www.integrallifepractice.co.uk Donations and Remembrances at www.justgiving.com/remember/12160/Simon%20-Padgham

Articles by Simon Padgham (Deceased)

  1. Health Coaching: Creating and Sustaining Lasting Change in Patient Health

    Listed in health and life coaching

    Today there exists a missing link in modern health care. Many patients/clients find it difficult to make and sustain health behaviour change. Consequently, the results that patients...

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