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Simon France works for Aquarius Flower Remedies, a company dedicated to all aspects of flower essence therapy. Simon initially trained as an astrologer and started using the Bach Remedies with his clients in the late 1980s. Since then he has gone on to make and document many of his own essences that are distributed through Aquarius Flower Remedies. The flower remedies and other vibrational products, which number well over 200, are spread all over the globe through a mail order catalogue,  www.aquariusflowerremedies.com and retail outlets. Simon has written 3 books on the remedies he has discovered and holds regular workshops on different aspects of his work. He can be contacted on Tel: 01626 854289;   info@aquariusflowerremedies.com    www.aquariusflowerremedies.com

Articles by Simon France

  1. Aquarius Flower Oils

    Listed in flower essences

    Flower oils bridge the gap between orally taken flower remedies, such as the Bach Flower Remedies, and essential oils. Whereas flower remedies are made by floating flowers in water ...

  2. Moon Flowers: Accessing the Past

    Listed in flower essences

    This article focuses on Moon Flowers made under moonlight and explains the differences between the qualities that radiate from the Sun and the Moon. It also looks at why the absorpt...

  3. Tribute to Heidi Rossanne Keep

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Heidi was my woman: my lover, my partner, business partner in Aquarius, mother to my daughter, Rhiannon and son, Reubyn. And she was much more as well. A multi-faceted woman who sp...

  4. Seed Essences - Powerful New Vibrational Essences from Nature that Resonate with our own Inner Seed

    Listed in flower essences

    Many years ago one of my sons asked, as we walked past a bush full of rosehips, if remedies could be made from the seeds as well as the flowers of plants. Well yes, of course, the s...

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