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Sean Blaney is a Life Coach since 2016 and manages to help busy, stressed or underpaid people realize what their potential is and manage their life issues.

He also is Managing Editor for CalendarTable.com, a site which provides, amongst other information, highly personalizable calendar printout formats so you can add photos, quotes or other inspiring material at your disposal, in order to get the maximum of your day, week or month, depending on how you plan your time. Sean may be contacted via sean.blaneyct@gmail.com       https://calendartable.com/

Articles by Sean Blaney

  1. Every-Day Struggles of an Introvert that Can Make His Life Miserable

    Listed in stress

    Being an introvert can be as debilitating as any illness with those possessing this personality type seeking to avoid certain situations at all costs. Normal situations can be terri...

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