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Sarah Gall BSc (Honours) Biochemistry, is a housewife and mother of four children. She is also a Church Organist. The only medication she very occasionally takes (once every two or three months) is a tablet of 'Zomig' (for migraines), which are probably caused by monthly hormonal fluctuations. Sarah may be contacted on Tel: 01706 344429; sarahgall@hotmail.co.uk. Her book One Advance Against Arthritis may be obtained at  www.arthritisrecovery.co.uk

Articles by Sarah Gall

  1. Recovery from Arthritis with the Margaret Hills' Diet

    Listed in arthritis

    The author describes her suffering as she began to have symptoms of arthritis – swollen and painful joints - following a winter of frequent bouts of bronchitis. Gout was diag...

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