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Sandra Roycroft-Davis DipCHyp HPD NLP Prac MNCH is a Harley Street behavioural change specialist and founder of ThinkingSlimmer.com. Sandra qualified as a cognitive hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute and is an NLP Master Practitioner. She specializes in effective and permanent weight loss through her Slimpods - 10-minute hypnotherapy recordings which can be downloaded from her website www.ThinkingSlimmer.com . She has spent years studying the psychology of eating and weight control and is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. Sandra may be contacted on Tel: 020 7760 7596;  Sandra@ThinkingSlimmer.com   www.ThinkingSlimmer.com

Articles by Sandra Roycroft-Davis

  1. Losing Weight is in the Mind, not the Belly

    Listed in weight loss

    BEING on a diet isn’t just about denying yourself food. It’s also about denying yourself the truth - because everyone knows that diets don’t work in the long term. Think about it, i...

  2. The Psychology of Weight Loss

    Listed in weight loss

    I KNOW what you’re thinking: What’s psychology got to do with weight loss? Surely all you have to do to lose weight is go on a diet, eat less and exercise more. What’s so complicate...

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