About Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee

Sandra Blakeslee is a regular contributor to The New York Times who specializes in the brain sciences. She has co-written many books, including Phantoms in the Brain with VS Ramachandran, On Intelligence with Jeff Hawkins, and Second Chances: Men, Women, and Children a Decade After Divorce with Judith S Wallersein. She is the third generation in a family of science writers.

Matthew Blakeslee is a freelance science writer in Los Angeles. He represents the fourth generation of Blakeslee science writers.

Articles by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee

  1. Why Do You Feel Fat After Losing Weight?

    Listed in mind matters

    This article looks at why people still feel fat after losing weight; why yo-yo dieting is so prevalent; and whether anorexics are really being honest in their heart of hearts when t...

Book reviews by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee

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