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Sally Stubbs MNCP (Snr Accred) FACH DACH is a licensed Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with advance training in cutting edge strategies with nearly 30 years solid therapeutic experience. Since 1990 she has been specifically writing and compiling her Therapeutic Courses, in the style of and based on the amazing and successful work of Dr Milton Erickson. Erickson is globally considered to be the 'Grand Father' of Hypnotherapeutic work, and she has been fortunate to study under his prodigy, Dr Ernest Rossi.

Her practice in the Lake District offers therapeutic courses on ailments such as stress, confidence, weight, smoking, phobias and Sally has treated well-known media figures including the columnist Liz Jones, and Brookside actor Steven Pinder as well as others. She has recently written a book called If Life Gives You Lemons - A Short Guide to Happiness and has launched a series of easy to follow CDs on these common ailments that enable you to achieve your goals by changing your mind patterns. Sally may be contacted on Tel: 017687 71377; enquiries@sally-stubbs.com   www.sally-stubbs.com  www.rapha-hypnosis.com

Articles by Sally Stubbs

  1. Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Psoriasis

    Listed in skincare

    A case of psoriasis

  2. What Is Hypnotherapy - How does it Work - and why do we Need It....?

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    The real origin and essence of the hypnotic condition is the induction of a habit of abstraction or mental concentration, in which, as in reverie or spontaneous abstraction, the pow...

  3. Psychosomatic Disorders and Hypnotherapy

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    At age eighteen I left school and joined The Manchester Royal Infirmary to train as a nurse. I wanted to be involved in curing suffering. Observing many horrific illnesses in the wa...

  4. Can I Be Hypnotized?

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    “Can I be hypnotized?” is a question which I’ve been asked countless times over the past 30 years. The question is often followed with: “I can’t be hypnotized, I’ve tried it….”

  5. Why We are not Free to be Free to be Our Self - How We can Be

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    A friend, who is a lovely woman and a caring intelligent mother, (but her dog is thoroughly daft!) said to me: “Therapists always want to blame your childhood for mind-emotional p...

  6. How to Successfully Achieve Inner Goals

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    My Vision is to guide you to empower yourself to successfully achieve your Goal, and for you to be experiencing your immeasurable potential. As you read and absorb what I say my ho...

  7. How to Successfully and Permanently Achieve Inner Goals Part 2: Two of the Five Practical Steps

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    Today we are going to explore and begin to Work with the first two practical steps, to successfully and permanently achieve your goal; the next three of these five steps we will ex...

  8. Identity Crisis?

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    Identity Crisis? Let us consider what we talking about here? And in particular how this information will be truly useful to you – or for someone who you really care about?

  9. How to Find Your ‘Mojo’ and Keep It!

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    When we have our ‘MoJo’ with us we can feel we have a connection with an innate kind of ‘magic’ within us. Children have it!

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