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Roy Lamb is a Pharmacist and co-founder of UK-based Nasslor Health-drinks Ltd., makers of Emunity. Emunity is the first detox health drink to harness the healing and immunity-boosting benefits of Nettle and make it available in a ready-to-drink can. Emunity’s founders are two UK pharmacists with a passion for helping people stay healthy. Taking an old family recipe they have blended nettles with English Garden Herbs to create a great tasting, refreshing drink loaded with immune boosting health benefits. It is 100% natural, with no artificial Ingredients and only 53 calories per can. He may be contacted via https://emunity.co.uk

Articles by Roy Lamb

  1. Nettle Health Benefits – the Science

    Listed in herbal medicine

    One of the most abundant weeds in the UK, the common stinging nettle is everywhere and most of us tend to avoid it due to its irritating sting. However, stinging nettles have also b...

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