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Roselle Angwin is the author of Riding the Dragon (Element, 1994), a book on the psychology of myth. With a background in Transpersonal Psychology, she is particularly interested in the connections between creativity and wellbeing and empowerment, and she facilitates a variety of workshops exploring these ideas. A poet, she is also a lecturer in Creative Writing. Workshop details available from: PO Box 17, Crapstone, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6YF, or tel. 01822 852650.

Articles by Roselle Angwin

  1. Creating a Sacred Space

    Listed in meditation

    There is a beautiful poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado and translated by Robert Bly, in which the jasmine-scented wind calls to the poet soul, offering its perfume of jasmine...

Book reviews by Roselle Angwin

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