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Rick Thorn is the Founder of Inspired Teaching, part of Inspired Ways. Fully trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a Master Practitioner, he also has extensive experience teaching personal and spiritual development workshops and in training therapists, counsellors and a wide range of healers and practitioners to teach. He inspires people to unleash the power in themselves and their material to transform others through teaching. He is available for one-to-one sessions, consultancy work as well as talks and workshops. He has come out with a CD on inspired teaching with bestselling author Nick Williams. He may be contacted via inspiredways@fsmail.net www.inspiredways.com

Articles by Rick Thorn

  1. Inspired Teaching: Tool for Transformation and Healing

    Listed in mind matters

    Teachers and practitioners, like great healers, tarot readers or personal development experts, need to know their subject in enough depth and have the confidence to share it with ot...

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