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Richard Katz has co-directed, with his wife and partner Patricia Kaminski, the Flower Essence Society since 1980. The Society is in touch with an estimated 60,000 active practitioners in approximately 50 countries who use flower essence therapy in their healing work. Richard is the author of numerous articles and books about flower essences, including with Patricia, the best-selling Flower Essence Repertory, now in its fifth edition. After working extensively with the original English repertory of Dr. Bach, Richard went on to pioneer, since 1978, the development of flower remedies from North American plants, which are now recognized and used throughout the world. He specializes in FES botanical studies, and photographs many of the FES flowers. He can be contacted via rkatz@flowersociety.org; www.flowersociety.org

Articles by Richard Katz

  1. The Science of Flower Essence Therapy

    Listed in flower essences

    Richard Katz, founder and associate director of the Flower Essence Society in California, explains how flower essence therapy works, based on their Society research findings, the ma...

Book reviews by Richard Katz

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