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Richard Eaton LL.B (Hons) died 14 June 2019 of prostate cancer, 65 years old. His professional background was as a barrister (Bar Council - Academic Division) - retired - and as a lecturer in law. He believed that the future for practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine in private practice lies within well-managed Health Centres. He formerly owned and managed, together with his wife Marion Eaton LLB (Hons) Reiki Master Teacher, the Professional Centre for Holistic Health in Hastings, East Sussex. Richard Eaton’s book Business Guide for Health Therapists: How to find what you need to Know is available (price: £5.99): In print as a coil-bound paperback from www.lulu.com (Bookstore); In print as a paperback and as a Kindle/e-book from amazon; As an e-book from a variety of digital stores.  Richard wrote a quarterly blog for The College of Medicine (“Complementary” section) and may be contacted via mail@marioneaton.co.uk  https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardmceaton/


Articles by Richard Eaton

  1. Complementary Medicine – Prepare for the Future

    Listed in clinical practice

    In April 2003, Hazel Blears, the Public Health Minister, announced that the government will spend £1.3 million on research into complementary medicine in a five-year programme, w...

  2. Complementary Medicine and the Voluntary sector

    Listed in clinical practice

    This article looks at issues relevant to the future practice of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). This includes the relaxation of constitutional and economic restriction...

  3. Practitioners Must State The Case For Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    Listed in complementary medicine

    This is an urgent call to all practitioners to state the case for complementary and alternative medicine. The view accepted and promoted by the media is that because CAM lacks the e...

  4. Is Choice of Healthcare a Human Right?

    Listed in authority rights freedom

    This article is intended to stimulate discussion about how the remit of the Human Rights Act 1998 may or may not apply to the activities of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)...

  5. Your CAM Practice and the Advertising Standards Authority Ltd - Time to take Action

    Listed in complementary medicine

    The issues explored in this article are of vital importance to the success of your business and to the freedom of your patients to choose a CAM practitioner and treatment. If you r...

  6. Advertising Complementary Medicine - Where Next with Regulation Reform

    Listed in complementary medicine

    This article updates and expands upon my previous article that appeared on PH Online (Issue 228, February 2016): Your CAM Practice and the Advertising Standards Authority Ltd – Tim...

  7. The UK National Health Services should Engage with Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    Listed in complementary medicine

    The NHS England Consultation (updated on 1st December 2017) titled: Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: A Consultation on Guidance for CCGs has confirmed...

  8. Cancer and Complementary Medicine: A Roundup

    Listed in cancer

    Richard Eaton explores the contribution by practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to the provision of cancer healthcare in the United Kingdom (UK). Although t...

  9. A Spotlight on Reiki Healing

    Listed in reiki

    This review of the published research literature and organizations regarding Reiki is Richard’s last article written for Positive Health PH Online prior to his untimely and far too ...

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