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Polly Hall, BA (Hons), MAR, is a qualified reflexologist and member of the Association of Reflexologists. A holistic, intuitive approach is reflected in her interest in the mind/body/emotion link and how these interrelate for optimum health and well-being. Polly runs a private reflexology practice in Somerset and can be contacted on Tel: 01278 723462; pollyfeet@yahoo.co.uk

Articles by Polly Hall

  1. Reflexology for Stroke

    Listed in reflexology

    Stroke is a major cause of disability and death in the UK, and this article describes the positive role that reflexology treatment can play in the recovery process. Qualified reflex...

  2. The Influence of the Weather upon our Health

    Listed in environmental

    The author concludes that if we are balanced and healthy we are ready to face the world whatever the weather. This can be achieved through complementary therapies such as acupunctur...

Book reviews by Polly Hall

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