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Peter Smith RSHom FSHom is a Registered Homeopath in practice in Cornwall, England since 1984. Since first becoming involved in the Lowermoor Water Poisoning Incident of 1988, which took place in N Cornwall in and around Camelford, he has been searching constantly for ways in which to help not only those affected by the aluminium sulphate but also the patients in his practice, to cope more effectively with the increasingly serious environmental toxic load which we all face. Drawn towards an eclectic approach, he has integrated Complex Homeopathy into his regular Classical/Practical homeopathic approach and, as this article explains, he is firmly convinced that glyconutrients literally provide our bodies with the wherewithal to heal and thus to maintain ongoing health. pcksmith@talktalk.net   http://www.pcksmith.com/      https://cosmic-unicycle.com/       https://www.gmracademy.co.uk/

Kelly D Ramsey PA-C received her degree in Physician Assistant Studies from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and is currently practising trauma emergency medicine in the United States. For the last year she has also been a nutraceutical consultant and has a special interest in the emerging field of glycobiology. As the owner of her own global wellness company, she has been educating others about glyconutrients - the 'missing link' - and the importance of wellness. She can be contacted on tel: +1 866 726 7393; e-mail: Kelly@totalwellnessgroup.com

Articles by Peter Smith and Kelly Ramsey

  1. Fat Loss, NOT Weight Loss

    Listed in weight loss

    This article will attempt to explain why most of what we have believed in the past about weight loss and dieting is built on false foundations.

  2. Glyconutrients - The Missing Link?

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    The authors explain that, according to the newly emerging technology of glycobiology (the study of sugars), it could be glyconutrients (simple sugars), rather than proteins, that ar...

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