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Master Choy (full name Peter Chin Kean Choy) has been practising these ancient arts for more than 40 years and has taught more than 20,000 students. His books have reached more than 200,000 readers and practitioners. He studied Tai-Chi Chi Kung with Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyang of Malaysia and Grandmaster Chen of China (who gave him the title of Master Choy). Master Choy also learned the application of Tai-Chi Chi Kung with his father, Chin Ket Leong, who was a Chinese Herbal Doctor and Martial Arts Master. He combined his Tai-Chi with other Taoist Exercises into the Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung Practice and Philosophy. He is also indebted to his contemporaries: Jiddu Krishnarmurti, U.G Krishnarmurti, Eileen and Peter Caddy of Findhorn Foundation, Barry and Samahria Lyte Kaufman of The Option Institute (U.S.A),  Mantak Chia (Thailand). He studied Chi Healing and Swimming Dragon Chi Kung  at  The Chi Healing Arts Centre (U.S.A) directed by Dr. T K Shih and  Zhineng Chi Kung at the Zhineng Chi Kung Centre in China by Dr Pang Li. He is also a qualified instructor of Aichi. He is the  Founder/Director of The Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Healing Centre/School and is founder of the Thanking Healing Process, The Trilogue Therapy and Tao of Colour Science. He is  also a qualified Raw and Living Food Chef, Consultant and Instructor. Peter Chin Kean Choy may be contacted via Peterchin2@btinternet.com  www.rainbow-taichi.org.uk/site/weekend-courses/

Articles by Peter Chin Kean Choy

  1. Introduction to Aqua Tai-Chi

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    The Author developed the Aqua Tai-Chi system of exercises in 1986, which combines Tai-Chi with other Chi Kung/Taoist exercises, after recognizing the importance of the feeling of bu...

  2. Tai-Chi Push Hands

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    The objective of Tai-Chi Push Hands is to learn how to harmonize the Yin/receptive and Yang/assertive principles, so that better health, communication and vitality can be achieved.<...

  3. Chi Exercises for Health and Rejuvenation

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    The Chi exercises were about the practice of harmonising Nature 5 Elements, the three Chi Treasures of Nature (Earth Chi, Human Chi and Heavenly Chi) and the four seasons (Spring, S...

  4. Discoveries of a Chi Healer

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    As a child, I was very intrigued by the Art of Healing and Martial Arts. My father, Chin Ket Leong, was a Chinese Medical Practitioner and a Martial Arts Master. At home, my brother...

  5. Tai Chi Happiness and Chi Healing: Interview by Aisling King with Master Choy

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    With all the doom and gloom we are subjected to everyday in newspapers and television, we really need to see more positive headlines like this in Ireland and everywhere. We are sur...

Book reviews by Peter Chin Kean Choy

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