About Pauline Wills

Pauline Wills, BSY, MBRA,HDip.C.Th., BRCP is a practising reflexologist and colour practitioner. Four years ago, she integrated the vibrational energies of colour with reflexology. She now runs a certified course in London and abroad, for qualified reflexologists who wish to combine these two therapies as well as teaching colour therapy in London and at the Hygeia College of Colour Therapy. She has written several books on both of these subjects.

Articles by Pauline Wills

  1. Integrating Colour with Reflexology

    Listed in reflexology

    Reflexology and colour therapy have their roots in the distant past. As individual therapies, they have tremendous therapeutic value. When used in conjunction with each other, they ...

  2. Healing with Colour Therapy

    Listed in light and colour

    The author states that we are beings of light, and need light for our well-being. In our aura etheric layer are eight energy centres, or chakras, each vibrating to its own colour, a...

Book reviews by Pauline Wills

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