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Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Buteyko clinic of Moscow. He first applied the Buteyko Method to help with his own chronic asthma. After successfully reversing his condition, he decided to train to become a practitioner so that he could help others. He was accredited by Professor Buteyko in 2002 and has worked full time teaching thousands of patients throughout Europe and North America at his renowned Asthma Care clinics www.asthmacare.ie  In 2005, Patrick was accredited as a Practitioner trainer. He has since taught Buteyko practitioners from USA, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Hungary, UK, Finland, Greece, Portugal, India, Holland, Denmark, Italy etc. He has written five best selling books detailing the Buteyko Method for a number of conditions, including Buteyko Meets Dr Mew available at www.buteykodvd.com. His book Asthma free naturally is published in the USA by Conari Press. He may be contacted on info@asthmacare.ie   www.ButeykoClinic.com    www.buteyko.ie

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    Listed in breathing

    This well-researched article provides a careful explanation of the effects that untreated allergic rhinitis can have, including being a causative factor in the other conditions lis...

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