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Panos Bampalis PhD is an ambitious electric engineer with a PhD and a great passion for fitness and nutrition. His determination has enabled him to become a certified nutritionist, enabling him to help others reach their health goals. He's an avid fan of calisthenics and bodyweight training, which he combines with his engineering expertise to create innovative fitness solutions - hence his nickname 'Fitness Engineer.' His enthusiasm for exercise and healthy nutrition makes him the perfect person to come to when seeking advice on how to stay fit and healthy. Please contact him via panos@panosbampalis.com     https://panosbampalis.com

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  1. 7 Side Effects When You Stop Taking Creatine

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    For gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, creatine is an inevitable part of their supplement regimen. It's been shown to pump up energy levels and aid with muscle recovery, but have yo...

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