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Pam Conrad RN BSN PGd CCAP Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Post Graduate Diploma Complementary Therapy Studies is originally from Indiana and has practised multispecialty traditional nursing for twenty years. After completing her Clinical Aromatherapy program in the US, she studied advanced aromatherapy and graduate complementary therapies for two years in the UK.

Aromatic Childbirth® was developed by Pam after practising clinical aromatherapy in a prenatal clinic and labour unit in London, UK. She currently is employed as a Consultant in an outpatient hospital pharmacy where she develops educational programs for the public and healthcare professionals. She compounds all aromatherapy products and proprietary blends in the pharmacy for patient use as well as retail purchase. She teaches complementary therapies and Clinical Aromatherapy at Indiana Purdue University and is a professional speaker locally and internationally. Pam is the NAHA Indiana director. Pam may be contacted at conradpam@gmail.com  www.aromasforhealing.com

Articles by Pam Conrad

  1. Aromatic Pregnancy and Childbirth in the UK - An American Nurse's Perspective

    Listed in women's health

    In the middle of Indiana, an English nurse named Jane Buckle taught the multiple ways aromatherapy could enhance the care of patients. I was hooked, and began to imagine one day ad...

  2. Aromatic Camino™ - Pilgrimage for the Body, Mind and Spirit

    Listed in retreats and travel

    In 2003, returning home after two years in the picturesque village of Ashbourne, England, I pondered a future adventure. A local newspaper highlighted one woman’s journey to Santiag...

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