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Nicola J Bradbury, BEd (Hons), MH, MIIR, is a medical herbalist, counsellor and healer and has trained and qualified in bio-acoustic sound therapy, reflexology and touch for health kinesiology. She is a member of the British Herbal Medicines Association and Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners, abides by the code and conduct of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. In 1977 Nicola sustained multiple injuries as a passenger in a motorway accident. After hospitalization, which totalled over one year, her prognosis was life confined to a wheelchair. Nicola's deep inner conviction that she would be able to walk again, became her driving force to seek alternative ways to rebuild her health and regain her mobility.  She has synthesized these individual healing modalities into a holistic, patient-centred, therapeutic approach. Nicola firmly believes her own tragedy has provided an opportunity and initiation for her own transformation and has enabled her to become a catalyst in patients' own healing processes. Her father's death with cancer was her motivation to research into complementary support therapy for cancer patients to enable optimum opportunity for healing and quality of life.

In 1999, Nicola was diagnosed with breast cancer and suddenly found herself on the patient side of the desk. Wth the support of an understanding oncologist Nicola followed her own immune system therapy regime and holistic therapeutic approach. Nicola regained full health for the following thirteen years. Nicola viewed her own cancer as an opportunity to reassess her life and goals. She also saw it as a valuable learning experience to become a more empathic practitioner having received and dealt with the diagnosis of cancer.

Today Nicola offers consultations to people wanting to follow the holistic cancer support therapy regime alongside their conventional, orthodox treatments from their oncologist. But most importantly, Nicola helps clients to look inside and rediscover the spark and passion for lost hopes and dreams. To reconnect with Nature and to realise we are all connected and part of the greater whole and love is the key. Inner happiness can bring about outer health.

Nicola has written a short children’s story ‘Sophie’s Rainbow’ ( 8 to 12 years) to help children to discover their own inner strength when ill or recovering from an accident and the importance to link with Nature and realise all things are connected. This is now available in an e-book from Amazon:


Periodically, workshops, retreat breaks will be available at a 16th century farmhouse in the beautiful hills of mid-Wales. Please phone for a brochure and course details. Nicola may be contacted on Tel: 01691 648899; nicolajb@compuserve.com  www.nicolajbradbury-medicalherbalist.co.uk/index.html   www.countryhousebandbwales.co.uk/

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    Nicola Bradbury is a medical herbalist, counsellor and healer, qualified in bio-acoustic sound therapy, reflexology and touch for health kinesiology.

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