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Nicholas Calvino DC is a practising clinician, nutritional consultant and author and lecturer on the subject of health and nutrition. He is currently the president of Natural Health Partners, LLC, a practice 'enhancement' company focusing on assisting doctors in marketing and managing secondary profit centres. He can be contacted at PO Box 160, North Street, MI 48049; Tel: 810-385-6737; drcalvino@msn.com

Stephen Levine PhD received training in biochemistry and genetics at the University of California at Berkeley and has published a well-known textbook on free radical biochemistry in health and disease, as well as numerous technical and lay articles in diverse areas, with an emphasis on antioxidant and free radical chemistry in areas of cancer and chemical hypersensitivity. He presently publishes regular newsletters for Allergy Research Group, a company that he started in l979 and for which he functions as President and Chief Executive Officer. He can be contacted via salevine@ix.netcom.com

Articles by Nicholas Calvino DC and Stephen Levine

  1. Vitamin C and Cancer - Storm of Controversy

    Listed in cancer

    According to The World Health Organization, there will be more than ten million documented new cases of cancer next year. Since 1971 over $1 trillion has been spent on conventional ...

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