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Neil Summers has a MEd in exercise physiology. He is an international lecturer on physical education and a full-time exercise physiologist for Enanef Ltd, designing products for a healthy life. He served in the Royal Marine Special Forces and as a 'Body Coach' has helped heads of state, politicians, sporting stars and a whole host of Japanese, American and European celebrities. To find out more about Neil Summers's award-winning Backstretchers and Neil's upcoming back exercise book with Sharron Davies, please call 0700 222 5724.

Articles by Neil Summers

  1. Self-Help for Optimal Back Care

    Listed in physiotherapy

    In the article Neil Summers looks at two of the common prescriptions for backache: bed rest and exercise. He concludes that bed rest may be beneficial because of the horizontal posi...

  2. Health Exercise Techniques: Strength Training and Stretching

    Listed in physiotherapy

    The article looks into correct exercises for the maintenance of a Healthy Lifestyle and the few exercises where the benefits outweigh the damaging elements brought on by unwelcome s...

Book reviews by Neil Summers

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