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Montse Bradford, originally from Barcelona, Spain, has lived in England since 1978. She is a professionally qualified healer member of the two leading healing organizations in the UK and a certified transpersonal psychology counsellor. Montse has been studying natural approaches to healthy eating and cooking since 1978 and has directed several cooking schools as well as a residential centre in Sussex. She now directs and teaches at her own cooking schools in Barcelona and Bath. Montse is the author of several books, Cooking with Sea Vegetables, which has been translated into five languages, and four titles in her popular Healthy Wholefood Cooking Series: Healthy Eating /Simple Cooking; Cooking with Vegetarian Protein; Vegetarian Classics; and Cooking with Sea Vegetables. Two more books, in Spanish are now being published, The Alchemy of Cooking and In Our Lives and Cooking with Vegetarian Proteins. She can be contacted at The Natural Cookery School & Life Energetics, Tel: 01963 240 641; montsebradford@aol.com; www.montsebradford.com

Articles by Montse Bradford

  1. The Healing and Transformative Qualities of Natural Cooking

    Listed in organic food

    An experienced wholefood cooking teacher, healer, emotional therapist and counsellor in Life Energetics, Montse Bradford encourages us to take some time to reflect on the ways in wh...

  2. The Alchemy of Cooking

    Listed in food

    The author is Director of The School of Natural Cookery and Life Energetics. It is said to constitute a unique, holistic training programme. Fundamental to its philosophy is the ide...

  3. Food and Emotions

    Listed in food

    The author believes that food and emotions are linked together and the relationship begins at birth with mother milk. During childhood, food is linked with treats which are given fo...

  4. Our Inner Fire

    Listed in food

    The author suggests that we all sit quietly for a moment with our eyes shut. Imagine a flame inside us and decide on its shape, size, colour and intensity. Is it burning happily, ve...

  5. Thinking Globally, Cooking Locally

    Listed in food

    The author is an internationally renowned cooking teacher, author, emotional counsellor and healer. She is also the director of The School of Natural Cookery and Life Energetics. In...

  6. The Alchemy of Cooking: Our Children, Our World

    Listed in food

    This article looks at the importance of nutrition and correct supply of nutrients for the rapid growth and healthy development of children.

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