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Michael J. Nixon-Livy is an international teacher and health practitioner who was born in Australia in 1954. He started his career in complementary medicine in 1974, in nutritional science, psychology, human relations and various bodywork therapies. He is an Applied Physiologist and has a Diploma in Solution Focused Therapy (Eriksonian therapy). In 1991 he started the process of choreographing the advanced principles of the late Australian bodywork genius, Tom Bowen, into a practical, dynamic and teachable system. In 1995 he completed this undertaking and the Neurostructural Integration Technique® was founded. Today he lives in France and teaches the Neurostructural Integration Technique® to professional health practitioners in Britain, Germany, the USA, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Australia.

Articles by Michael J Nixon-Livy

  1. Neurostructural Integration Technique (Advanced Bowen Therapy)

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    The Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is an extremely powerful multidimensional technique, which has been specifically developed for the ongoing dynamic integration of the...

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