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Michael Franklin is the founder of the IBS and Gut Disorder Centre which has branches in Oxford and London. He may be contacted on Tel: 0845 456 0944 or Tel: 01865 459553;  www.ibs-solutions.co.uk

Articles by Michael Franklin

  1. The Real Causes of IBS: How they can be Revealed by Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

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    In this article Michael Franklin talks about the problem faced by many IBS sufferers - that their doctor can offer them no cure or further tests. The author however, talks about a n...

  2. Case Study Issue 150: Naturopathic Approaches to IBS: Two Case Histories

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    In this article which focuses on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the author says that of all the chronic illnesses with unpleasant symptoms, IBS more often than not gets treated less effe...

Book reviews by Michael Franklin

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