About Meir Schneider and Melissa Moody

Meir Schneider PhD LMT International Health Educator, Pioneer Therapist and Founder of San Francisco's non-profit School for Self-Healing, is author of The Natural Vision Improvement Kit, Movement for Self-Healing, The Handbook of Self-Healing, and Yoga for the Eyes. Born in Lvov, Ukraine, in 1954, Meir emigrated to Israel with his parents in 1959. He underwent five cataract operations without success and at seven was declared legally blind. Years later, by means of eye exercises and movement therapy, he was able to read without glasses and began to work with other physically disabled people, receiving national attention for his work in the healing arts.

Melissa Moody is Director of the School for Self-Healing and a practitioner of the Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing Through Bodywork and Movement. She may be contacted via melissa@self-healing.org; www.self-healing.org

Articles by Meir Schneider and Melissa Moody

  1. How to Address and Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries of the Body and Eyes

    Listed in bodywork

    RSIs are also known as overuse or cumulative trauma syndromes, and they are caused by a myriad of actions performed during daily work and leisure activities. The inflammation, numbn...

  2. Natural Vision Improvement for Children and Adults

    Listed in vision and eye sight

    Meir Schneider PhD first explains that he was born blind from congenital cataracts, nystagmus, glaucoma and small corneas, and suffered further injuries to his ocular lenses from un...

Book reviews by Meir Schneider and Melissa Moody

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