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A qualified teacher, Mary Martin established her School of Reflexology in 1987. She founded the Association of Reflexologists in 1984 and is an Honorary Life Member. Previously she practised as a Gerson therapist. Mary belongs to a network of therapists attached to the cancer centre at Mount Vernon Hospital. She has had a busy practice in Ruislip since 1983. She may be contacted on Tel: 01895 635621;  mary.martin36@btinternet.com

Articles by Mary Martin

  1. Reflexology: What Is Its True Potential?

    Listed in reflexology

    Reflexology is a powerful therapy that can have far-reaching effects on health and well-being. Introduced to the UK in the early 1960s, it should by now have earned a place alongsid...

  2. Dysfunctional Hormones

    Listed in women's health

    Hormones are minute chemical messengers that circulate in the bloodstream. A tiny alteration can affect us physically and emotionally. Environmental chemicals can cause hormonal dis...

  3. Mistletoe Therapy

    Listed in cancer

    Although Iscador is contraindicated for some types of cancer, the author herself was given Iscador injections prior to cancer surgery. With the additional help of a homeopathic reme...

  4. Back Conditions and Holism

    Listed in back pain

    In this article, Mary Martin, reflexologist, illustrates how reflexology can be used to alleviate back pain by working holistically through the body energetic communication system.<...

  5. Reflexology and Trauma

    Listed in reflexology

    Using case examples, Mary Martin illustrates how reflexology can assist in post-operative care by speeding up recovery, healing scar tissue and alleviating long-standing post-operat...

  6. The Vital Link

    Listed in reflexology

    By examining the scientific evidence of quantum physics and the findings of research into energy fields, this article provides support for the basic principles of reflexology and it...

  7. Juvenile Chronic Arthritis

    Listed in arthritis

    In this article, Mary Martin, who runs her own School of Reflexology and founded the Association of Reflexologists, describes the success of reflexology in treating a young girl wit...

  8. The Human Factor

    Listed in complementary medicine

    Reflexologist Mary Martin focuses on how modern medicine has disregarded the psychological and emotional levels of health, how science has disconnected itself from the patient. Heal...

  9. Problems Affecting Muscles and Joints

    Listed in reflexology

    Mary Martin demonstrates how Reflexology can be used to treat problems affecting muscles and joints.

  10. The Heart and the Emotions

    Listed in heart

    In her regular column Mary Martin examines the connection between heart problems and the emotions. She believes the condition of our heart reflects lifestyle and mental attitude. Th...

  11. Touch as a Therapeutic Tool

    Listed in cancer

    Mary Martin discusses the value of touch as a therapeutic tool in cancer treatment. Western medicine is highly dependent on technology and has become a far less touching profession....

  12. Facilitating Positive Changes

    Listed in immune function

    The author presents two cases which demonstrate the power of the mind in the context of Reflexology. The average GP, she says, has no time to talk patients through their problems an...

  13. Empowering The Placebo

    Listed in immune function

    This article looks at the power of the placebo effect, which a House of Lords Science and Technology report in 2000 states -is not just an imagined experience but can positively imp...

  14. Relief from Migraine

    Listed in headaches

    In this article on Reflexology and its positive effect on Migraines, the author says migraine affects about 10% of the UK population, and that there are two types: common migraine a...

  15. How Reflexology Evolved

    Listed in reflexology

    This article traces the history of Reflexology which evolved (and is still evolving) from the ancient technique of acupressure introduced to the Chinese. The surviving source of all...

  16. Tinnitus

    Listed in reflexology

    This column focuses on the positive effect of Reflexology in treating tinnitus - a condition that can prevent one in 200 sufferers from living normal lives, while one in five is occ...

  17. Relief from Chronic Illness

    Listed in reflexology

    In this column, the author provides cases studies on the effects of reflexology on certain chronic illnesses, and adds that where illness cannot be reversed, patients still experien...

  18. Fear and the Stress Response

    Listed in stress

    This column provides a holistic perspective, through reflexology, to help a particular case study to overcome her chronic head pains, tinnitus, hypertension and sinusitis, due to fe...

  19. Optimizing the Healing Potential

    Listed in complementary medicine

    This column discusses the placebo effect which, the author says, can override psychological and physical conditions, and is the strongest, most comprehensive and most proven medicin...

  20. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Listed in women's health

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex condition that affects about one in 10 women in the UK. Symptoms include irregular or absent periods, ovulation problems and infertilit...

  21. Reflexology as a Diagnostic Tool

    Listed in reflexology

    According to the author, who also helped found the Association of Reflexologists in 1984, many patients consult her because other methods of treatment have proved unsatisfactory. Sh...

  22. Coping With Stress

    Listed in reflexology

    This column focuses on the benefits of Reflexology as a non-invasive way of coping with stress and why many people are opting for this therapy.

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