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Marlene Watson-Tara has for over 30 years been actively teaching all aspects of health and wellness. As a Macrobiotic Counsellor and Cooking Teacher she has worked with thousands of clients around the world seeking to revitalize their lives through the philosophy of a wholefoods diet and exercise. She is the international author of Macrobiotics for all Seasons, reviewed on Positive Health PH Online www.positivehealth.com/review/macrobiotics-for-all-seasons. She may be contacted via www.marlenewatsontara.com

Articles by Marlene Watson-Tara

  1. Dieting is Out - Health Eating is In

    Listed in weight loss

    Over the past 10 years in particular with all the developments on why we are ‘gaining weight’ and so many ‘silver bullet’ ‘diets’ hitting the market, there has been little movement...

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