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Mark Kane is an osteopath, naturopath and acupuncturist working within the NHS at the Marylebone Health Centre and in private practice. He is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Community Care and Primary Health University of Westminster and the course leader for the MSc in Complementary Therapy Studies. He is also a Researcher at the British School of Osteopathy.

Articles by Mark Kane

  1. Offering a Quality Service?

    Listed in clinical practice

    What makes the service you offer to your patients good quality? What is quality? By what standard do you want your work evaluated? Do you believe that what you offer is beyond compa...

  2. Complementary Therapies in the Next Decade: The Challenges

    Listed in complementary medicine

    Never before have complementary therapies found so much favour. Patients are choosing and using complementary therapies in greater numbers than ever before. There are examples of ar...

  3. Are You Qualified to Practise?

    Listed in clinical practice

    This question is perhaps not always asked out loud by patients but is certainly present when they first consult a practitioner of complementary therapies.

  4. Whose opinion counts, anyway?

    Listed in clinical practice

    Everyone has their own opinion about the effectiveness of complementary therapies. As a practitioner of complementary therapies I have to make choices and evaluate the therapies tha...

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