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Mark Bradley MSc Psychoanalytical Developmental Psychology, with a background in Health Psychology,  has worked and trained around the world developing an evidence based approach to psychological care. Having studied in the UK and with renowned Dr Dan Hughes in the USA, Mark is presently doing a major piece of research into positive psychology and weight management at Bath University. He works in the UK and abroad and was recently the lead psychological consultant regarding the Polar bear attack in Svalbard, Norway where he travelled to the Arctic Circle to provide on the ground assistance.

Mark Bradley Associates has practices in Leeds and in London at the prestigious Bowskill Clinic. He provides psychological assistance for companies and individuals and also has practising rights the foremost major private hospital group in the UK. With his background in health psychology and close links with personal trainers, nutritionists and health professionals, Mark has developed a unique programme of healthy weight management. His clients range from ultra endurance athletes to morbidly obese pre and post bariatric operation patients. His insight into the pressures of today’s image lead society has inspired a programme of support for clients from children, teenagers and adults. Mark may be contacted via  www.markbradleyassociates.com

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  1. Body Image, Culture and Sexuality

    Listed in weight loss

    In today's society, body image has become an increasingly hot topic of discussion; whether it be chatter in the school playground or coverage in the tabloids, it has become very dif...

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