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Marek Doyle Dip Advanced Nutrition for Optimal Health DipAET CertHE Nutr Med  is a Nutritional Consultant, Allergist and a Personal Trainer. With locations in Kensington, Chelsea and Basingstoke, he has been recognized as one of the top trainers in the country, and counts world champion athletes, cover models and TV personalities amongst his clientele. Marek has set up The Academy to increase knowledge and training regarding optimizing metabolic function. Topics covered include Adrenal / Hormonal Balance, Sleep / Neurotransmitters, Nutrition and Diet Fat Loss, Body Composition, and Methylation / Epigenetics / Metabolic pathways.  Marek may be contacted via marek@blueprintfitness.co.uk   marek@marekdoyle.com   www.blueprintfitness.co.uk    www.marekdoyle.com

Articles by Marek Doyle

  1. Magnesium Supplementation: When and With What?

    Listed in nutrition

    This article begins with an explanation of the importance of magnesium, particularly for athletes. It has been shown to increase physical performance, improve sleep, improve hydrati...

  2. Saturated Fats and the Virtues of Coconut Oil

    Listed in nutrition

    Of course, over consumption of any substance will make a person fat, but we can safely conclude that relative to other sources of energy, saturated fats do not cause the body harm....

  3. Iodine: The Forgotten Nutrient

    Listed in nutrition

    The article continues with full explanations and references to relevant research to describe the benefits of iodine, from its help in athletic performance, and help to maintain diet...

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