About Maggie Baker

Maggie Baker is currently based at the Cae Dai Trust in North Wales. Cae Dai is a registered charity providing practical support for people with psychiatric and social problems. She can be contacted on 01757 701576

Articles by Maggie Baker

  1. Moving Through Depression, Literally

    Listed in depression

    Maggie writes about a very personal journey from a major breakdown seven years ago. She tells of how repression of her real self was at the heart of her problems and how she has ove...

  2. Moving Through Depression: A Few Steps Further

    Listed in depression

    Maggie Baker. A follow up to her previous article Moving Through Depression (issue 34).

  3. Moving Through Depression

    Listed in depression

    This author was diagnosed with depression at the age of forty. She felt that she had spent her adulthood lurching from one crisis to another, including a disastrous marriage and a b...

Book reviews by Maggie Baker

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