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Luca Rado, Co-Founder of Helpd Ltd - Specialists in Live-In Home Care across the UK shares his experience each week of catering towards individuals who suffer with the disease to shine a light on the way their lives can be enhanced as well as that of the carer who looks after them. In this article Luca has shared ‘How to Help People with Dementia'. The article details the common dementia behaviours and how you can best deal with them to make your loved one feel more comfortable, touching on sleep issues, bathing, eating and providing a balanced diet to avoid any further complications. Luca may be contacted via Tel: 0118 449 2373;  hello@theliveincarecompany.co.uk   https://www.theliveincarecompany.co.uk/  and LinkedIn

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  1. How to Help People With Dementia

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    If a loved one is suffering from Dementia, it can be difficult to manage emotionally for you and the person affected. There are plenty of ways that you can not only help your loved ...

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