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About the Authors Llori Valenzuela MS RD is the New Product Development Manager for MAK Wood, Inc., an ingredients and formulations supplier. She is a registered dietitian and holds a Masters Degree in Food Science from the University of Maryland. Mark A Brudnak, PhD ND is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed scientific and trade journal articles, stemming all the way back to his undergraduate studies. He is a Licensed (applied) and Board Certified Naturopath. His recent book is called The Probiotic Solution (Dragon Door Press). He has co-authored a chapter in a textbook on thermal-stable and also coined the term Genomeceuticals® which are natural ingredients that beneficially affect gene expression. They can be contacted on llori.valenzuela@earthlink.net

Articles by Llori Valenzuela and Mark A Brudnak

  1. Ellagic Acid: A Potent Anticarcinogen

    Listed in cancer

    Llori Valenzuela and Dr Mark Brudnak investigate the link between diet and cancer, in particular the health benefits associated with the consumption of plant-based foods. This is at...

Book reviews by Llori Valenzuela and Mark A Brudnak

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