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Liz Koch is an international somatic educator, and creator of Core Awareness ( focusing on awareness for developing human potential. With 30 years experience working with and specializing in the iliopsoas, she is recognized in the somatic, bodywork and fitness professions as an authority on the core muscle. Liz is a nationally and internationally published writer and the author of The Psoas Book, Unraveling Scoliosis CD, Core Awareness; Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance, and her new release Psoas & Back Pain CD. Approved by the USA National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), as a continuing education provider, Liz Koch is a member of the International Movement Educators Assoc. (IMA).  She may be contacted via liz@coreawareness.com    www.coreawareness.com

Articles by Liz Koch

  1. Walking with your Iliopsoas Muscle

    Listed in bodywork

    The iliopsoas, made up of two distinct muscles - the psoas and the iliacus - is the only muscle that attaches the lumbar spine to the legs and plays a crucial role in walking freely...

  2. The Psoas Within

    Listed in bodywork

    This article highlights the crucial role played by the psoas muscle, which links the lumbar spine to the legs, in maintaining wellbeing. It is essential for balance, alignment, join...

  3. Pelvic Integrity - Centering the Core

    Listed in bodywork

    Liz Koch has made a lifelong study of the psoas muscle and sees the pelvis as the keystone of our structural system. It is not only the base of support for the upper body, but trans...

  4. Iliopsoas - The Flee/Fight Muscle for Survival

    Listed in bodywork

    Liz Koch continues her lifelong study of the voluntary Iliopsoas muscle. Understanding the muscle to be part of our survival response provides both therapists and clients a fresh pe...

  5. A Fluid Core: Redefining Core Strength

    Listed in bodywork

    This article focuses on core strength, intended to help stabilize, coordinate and organize movement in the human body, and the authors understanding of how it evolves, following 30 ...

  6. Balancing Your Internal Climate

    Listed in chinese oriental medicine

    This article, co-authored with Martin Grasby LAc, focuses on finding our internal balance which, the authors say, should not be confused with ridding oneself of unwanted emotions. B...

  7. Case Study: Unravelling A Tight Psoas Mystery

    Listed in bodywork

    The author states that it is possible to unravel complex symptoms if one understands the psoas as messenger of the central nervous system. The case study involves complex difficult...

  8. The Primordial Psoas and the Chakra System

    Listed in bodywork

    Deep within our physical body emerges a bio-intelligent tissue called the Psoas. This mysterious tissue is defined within the biomechanical paradigm as a core stabilizing muscle, ye...

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