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Leon Chaitow ND DO - December 7, 1937 — September 20, 2018 was a registered Osteopath and Naturopath and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Westminster. He has been author of over 70 books, edited the peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, and practised in a NHS Health Centre and privately. He taught widely to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. Further information about Leon who sadly died 20 September 2018 is available via his website: www.leonchaitow.com

Articles by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

  1. Interdisciplinary Bodywork for Best Results

    Listed in bodywork

    In this article, the author, a practising osteopath and naturopath for 30 years, underlines the importance of cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques between bodyworkers in diff...

  2. Ethics and Integration (or Incarceration)?

    Listed in complementary medicine

    In this short article, the author discusses ethics, safety and codes of conduct within both regulated and unregulated complementary medicine professions. As well as the ongoing need...

  3. P.C., Gender, Interprofessional Discord and Integration

    Listed in complementary medicine

    In the Integrated Medicine column this month Leon Chaitow looks at several issues in alternative medicine where discord, confusion and imbalance exist within alternative medicine an...

  4. Integration: Malign or Benign

    Listed in complementary medicine

    According to Leon Chaitow there are two opposing views of the process of the integration of conventional and complementary medicine.

  5. Barriers to Integration are in our Minds

    Listed in complementary medicine

    I am starting this brief article by looking at boundaries between some complementary professions, but where this takes us is revolutionary - so please read on even if the words oste...

  6. A Learning Experience

    Listed in clinical practice

    We speak of integration and this is usually, in my experience, focused around the issues of how GPs (and sometimes hospitals) can find ways of working with CPs (complementary practi...

  7. Cranial Influence - becoming a 'heavy pendulum'?

    Listed in craniosacral therapy

    The roots of cranial manipulation lie in osteopathic medicine, based on the work in the early part of the century by William Garner Sutherland. While cranial osteopathy remains the ...

  8. Standards in Massage Therapy

    Listed in massage

    A question which I am regularly asked deserves an honest answer. How do you find the standard of massage therapist here compared with elsewhere? The truth is that standards of train...

  9. Integrative Bodywork - Art and Science: Complexity in Bodywork

    Listed in bodywork

    Over the next few issues Leon Chaitow will be looking at how breathing patterns can affect health. He starts by citing that there are few cases of direct cause and effect situations...

  10. Spinal Manipulation - What are We to Believe?

    Listed in back pain

    In this column the author focuses on the background to a news report earlier this year that Chiropractic and Osteopathic Manipulation does not work, based on a review published in t...

  11. A Shoulder Problem in Context

    Listed in bodywork

    In this column the author explores further the complexity theme of identical symptoms emerging from quite different backgrounds (discussed in a previous column which touched on brea...

  12. What is Naturopathic Physical Medicine?

    Listed in naturopathy

    In this first of a series of articles on integrated treatment approaches in relation to Naturopathic Physical Medicine, the author focuses on the relative decline in interest in rec...

  13. Leptins and Inflammation

    Listed in bodywork

    In this column on bodywork, the author focuses on imbalances derived from hormones produced by white fatty tissue, particularly leptin (an area of fast evolving research).

  14. Meet the Endocannibanoids - Pleasure Producers, Pain Relievers - And Much More: The Bodywork Connection

    Listed in medical cannabis

    In this Expert Column, Leon Chaitow looks at our bodys ability to produce virtually identical chemicals to those that appear in cannabis. He tells us that through exercise and throu...

  15. Respectable Energy

    Listed in bodywork

    This week I attended a post-graduation party at the University of Westminster. Candidates from the first intake of the MA in Therapeutic Bodywork had, with all due ceremony, receive...

  16. Cause and Effect

    Listed in environmental

    The obscenity of feeding gentle vegetarian ruminants with minced up bits of other animals has resulted, not at all surprisingly – in ecological disaster, with the worst of it...

  17. Peace and Harmony in Holistic Medicine?

    Listed in complementary medicine

    Peace and Harmony in Holistic Medicine? You would think so but the truth is there exists a tendency, currently awesomely evident, for displays of mutual animosity, antagonism and fr...

  18. Respecting Symptoms

    Listed in bodywork

    I suppose all complementary health care disciplines and systems agree that the body/mind complex is self-healing. That given the opportunity the self-regulating mechanisms will act ...

  19. Truth will out

    Listed in bodywork

    In 1988 I coauthored (with investigative journalist Simon Martin) a book with the title World Without AIDS (Thorsons) and in 1994 my other book on this topic You Dont Have to Die (c...

  20. Bizarre Bazaar!

    Listed in bodywork

    This month the column is bound to irritate some readers, and anger others, but as I have recently been both irritated and angered myself, this possibility seems to me worth while i...

  21. Insights and Questions

    Listed in bodywork

    This month I am more, or less thinking aloud . . . and am unlikely to come to any final conclusions. Put simply I am wrestling with why the same phenomena observed by different peop...

  22. Insights & Questions

    Listed in bodywork

    Intuition is an area which fascinates many in the health care world. To some – the academically orientated in particular – it is an area to be disparaged and discourag...

  23. Fibromyalgia - Where Should Bodywork Fit Into An Integrated Treatment Picture?

    Listed in fibromyalgia

    This column looks into Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), and its disabling levels of pain and stiffness, largely associated with the head, neck, spine and pelvis, commonly associated wit...

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