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The  Leisure brand has over 120 years of range cooking history. Staying true to that history we ensure every range cooker we produce has the very highest quality and performance, combined with the latest cutting edge design. Since its beginnings over 230 years ago, Leisure has been synonymous with innovation. The most significant development resulting from this pioneering spirit was the introduction of the first ever range cooker in 1883. The rich history of the Leisure brand has helped us become one of the largest range cooker brands in the UK. You can find more information at https://www.leisurecooker.co.uk      https://www.leisurecooker.co.uk/food-trends-uk

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  1. Food Trends Change over the Past 25 Years

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    Few of us will be shocked to read that eating habits in the UK have undergone some significant shifts since the mid-1990s. This, after all, is the very essence of trends: regardless...

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