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Laura Hoy, Manager at NHR Organic Oils, began managing NHR Organic Oils in 2009 after completing a 2 year Diploma in Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Science.  She has brought with her the knowledge about essential oils and how to use them; however what she really enjoy is sharing with clients how supportive the oils can be if used with the intention to truly nurture.

Laura has been experimenting with bringing the oils into everyday life to support herself, in skin care, baths, cleaning her home etc.  She loves how simply choosing oils to drop into a burner before taking a shower can make such a difference to the way we feel. As part of running the business, she chooses the oils NHR Organic Oils stock, and is always interested in hearing feedback from clients.

Laura is based at the NHR Organic Oils shop in Brighton, UK, and is available for any queries or to advise. Feel free to visit the shop [24 Chatham Place, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3TN ]and experience the oils and other beautiful products for yourself.

She may contacted via Tel. 0845 3108066; laura@nhrorganicoils.com   www.nhrorganicoils.com

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