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Kris Deva North has practised healing meditation since 1972 and Taoist healing for over 18 years, with Western, Chinese and Japanese Masters, including Mantak Chia, Takeo Suzuki, Wataru Ohashi and Shizuko Yamamoto. In 1993 he founded the Zen School of Shiatsu, London Healing Tao Centre and Chi Nei Tsang Institute. Now 63, Kris integrates the shamanic healing traditions of 'First Nations' from his experiences since the age of 15 with Shamans of Africa, North America and Hawaii, and Aboriginal men of high degree in Australia. Kris Deva North now teaches and practises Taoist meditation and healing, including Zen Shiatsu, Qi Gong healing-therapy, Chi Nei Tsang and Tai Chi. He can be contacted on Tel: 0700 078 1195; kris@learn-shiatsu.co.uk

Articles by Kris Deva North

  1. Shiatsu - Ancient Technique for the 21st Century

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    Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy to harmonize the flow of energy throughout the entire being, seeking the cause of conditions as well as relieving the symptoms. It acts as an intermedi...

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