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Kim Lishman is a freelance writer living in County Durham. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in May 2005 as a teenager. Now in her early twenties, Kim hopes her writing will enlighten diabetic and non-diabetics to the myths and stereotypes linked to the disease. She can be contacted via kim.lishman@hotmail.com  

Articles by Kim Lishman

  1. The Illusions of Diabetic Branded Produce

    Listed in diabetes

    The author, diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic as a teenager, reports on her research into the nutritional status and the cost of a range of products described on their labels as specia...

  2. The Historical Background of Insulin

    Listed in diabetes

    The author takes us back to an Egyptian papyrus, dated in 1550 BC, which details a disease that causes the patient to lose weight quickly and frequently urinate. In more modern time...

  3. Ayden Byle Canadian Diabetic Athlete

    Listed in diabetes

    This is a brief article about Ayden Byle, a Canadian who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes just before starting at university. He has always been athletic, and loves running. He al...

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