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Kay Zega MA DMS CertEd Adv Dip (Couns) MCS (Acc) MBACP is a registered Angelic Reiki teacher, accredited counsellor, registered holistic multi-therapist, wellness and positive life change specialist and lecturer. She has a gentle motivational approach and a track record helping others to achieve empowering positive life change. She offers a range of wellness boosting workshops for individuals and organizations and assists companies to integrate counselling and complementary therapies into their wellbeing programmes and occupational therapy provision. Kay practises and teaches a number of holistic therapies (including Angelic Reiki®), in the UK and abroad, offers Retreats in Worcester, Glastonbury, The Netherlands and South West France, and has her own private practice in Worcester. She can be contacted on Tel: +44 (0)1905 26002; enquiries@angelicreiki.net  www.wellnessnow.co.uk    www.angelicreiki.net


Articles by Kay Zega

  1. Angelic Reiki - A New Healing for our Time?

    Listed in angelic healing

    This article focuses on Angelic Reiki, which the author says Archangel Metatron describes as The New Healing for Our Time, a system of energy healing that will be paramount in bring...

  2. Touching Stillness to Assuage Stress

    Listed in stress

    The author explains what causes stress and looks into holistic approaches to treating this condition, such as meditation which not only relaxes the mind but can lead to profound ha...

  3. Practical Protection for Practitioners

    Listed in clinical practice

    This column is aimed to help practitioners practise in a professional manner which protects them and their clients. The author shares her views on what a Professional Practice is a...

  4. In Search Of Solace - Finding Comfort through Counselling

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    In this Expert Column, Kay Zega writes that in the current climate of uncertainty as the credit crunch bites and the economic downturn impacts in varying degrees throughout society,...

  5. Holistic Wellbeing: Approaches To Coping With Anger

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    Anger management is about helping people understand the patterns of anger from their past, become aware of the triggers for their anger, and learn ways either to defuse anger, if i...

  6. Freedom From Self-Sabotage: Fulfilling Your Potential

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    This inspiring article discusses self-sabotage: the forms it takes, its sources in our past experiences and how it is maintained through limiting beliefs and self-critical self-tal...

  7. Holistic Benefits of a Retreat

    Listed in retreats and travel

    In my work as a counsellor, multi-therapist and wellness/positive life change specialist and personal/spiritual development coach, I have become aware of increasing numbers of peop...

  8. Return to Wellness: Traumatic Consequences of Inadequate Self-Care

    Listed in clinical practice

    This article is a very frank and open account of how a therapist and healer took her own health and well-being too much for granted. She tells the reader how she over-worked and ov...

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