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Katherine Knight became interested in complementary therapies in the late 1980s. She studied full time at the Raworth Centre, Dorking, gaining the Raworth Natural Health Practitioner Diploma in 1991. She has also taken a practitioner course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She now practises the Metamorphic Technique, Reiki and Universal Light Touch Reflexology, and uses flower essences where appropriate within her work. She sees her role as a facilitator, providing an environment for the client's own self-healing and self-development and can be reached at Penninghame Educational Health Clinic, 19 Upper Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PF. Tel: 020 7724 4004; Home Tel/Fax: 020 8299 0286; info@penninghame.com

Articles by Katherine L Knight

  1. Metamorphic Technique - Tool for Inner Change

    Listed in bodywork

    The Metamorphic Technique was created in the 1960s by Robert St John, a British naturopath and reflexologist, and further developed by Gaston St Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic A...

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