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Ka Sundance is a passionate health seeker for more than eight years now, and has worked very successfully with many people from all over the world to improve their health. He is raw food and fitness expert. He has been living the Raw food lifestyle for over 4 years now together with his wife and 3 children. He discovered that there is much more you need to know becoming a healthy and successful rawfooder, than only what you need to eat.

The most important part we have to be aware of are our emotions and feelings. Our eating habits have been created even before we could walk properly and are so profound, that we have to be very careful with the emotional side of eating, sharing food, and all the images and feeling we have circling around food. Ka Sundance may be contacted at kasundance@rawfoodcoach.net  www.therawfoodfamily.com  www.rawfoodcoach.net

Articles by Ka Sundance

  1. Raw Food to Feel Healthier, Happier and More Vibrant

    Listed in organic food

    The author, a passionate health-seeker, writes of the advantages of a raw food diet. We are closely related to primates who live healthily on raw food; uncooked foods retain their f...

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