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Judith Price R Cert NC, ITEC, RIPHH (Hons) trained in Nutrition at the Raworth Centre and Guildford College. She is a registered Foresight Preconception Clinician, and a qualified hypnotherapist, believing that the body and the mind need to be in balance before healing can be fully achieved. She can be reached on Tel: 01424 436587 jude@bodymind.org.uk

Articles by Judith Price

  1. Endometriosis: A Nutritional Approach

    Listed in women's health

    In endometriosis, the endometrial tissue is found where it should not be, outside the uterus, where it still responds to hormonal instructions, bleeding into areas where there is no...

  2. Breast Cancer: Helping the Healer to Heal Herself

    Listed in cancer

    In this article nutritionist Judith Price describes how a colleague diagnosed with breast cancer planned her own course of treatment, firstly using self-hypnosis and the Emotional F...

  3. A Common Dietary Problem: Inadequate Protein and Fats

    Listed in nutrition

    Judith Price, a nutritionist also trained in hypnotherapy, describes the nutritional and dietary treatment given to a lady suffering from depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalance and...

  4. Charles - A Case of IBS

    Listed in ibs

    Judith Price, a nutritional therapist, describes how nutritional therapy was able to help a man with long-term, painful digestive problems diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS...

  5. A Real Pain in the Neck

    Listed in arthritis

    This article presents a case study of a woman with painful arthritis in her neck, which had led to exhaustion and depression, and who was particularly stressed due to looking after ...

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