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Jonjo Hancock-Fell is Ecommerce and B2C Marketing Manager at Westfield Health, a leading British health and wellbeing company. looking for new ways to innovate and help people lead healthier, happier lives. They recognize the role they play in embedding health and wellbeing into everyday life; both for their own colleagues and for the people they work with. They lead by example by offering their colleagues leading health and wellbeing initiatives to make them feel supported and recognised whilst at work.  In 2018, they acquired UK Healthcare, a UK based health cash plan provider. Westfield Health may be contacted via Tel: 0114 250 2000;   enquiries@westfieldhealth.com   https://www.westfieldhealth.com

Articles by Jonjo Hancock-Fell

  1. The Gut Feeling – Significance of Good Gut Health

    Listed in colon health

    We all know that feeling when we "gut" something out. Whether on the verge of making a difficult decision or undertaking a challenging physical feat, our guts can often be our most ...

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