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Jonathan Brown Dhp Michp is an award winning Psychotherapist and Medical Hypnotherapist from Belfast, Northern Ireland. His Hypnotherapy and visualization recordings may be purchased on MP3 and CD from  www.hypnotherapyboutique.com and he may be contacted via contact@HypnotherapyBoutique.com

Articles by Jonathan Brown

  1. Depression - Promising Treatment Approaches

    Listed in depression

    This article focuses on depression - a debilitating mental illness where the affected person often develops an extremely negative outlook on life and sees no way out of the black mo...

  2. Stress, Illness, Monks and Cab Drivers

    Listed in stress

    The author discusses the effects of stress, in a current population of very stressed people, either by their jobs, the fear of losing their jobs, or not having a job. But just as co...

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