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Joanne Henson is a health and weight loss coach, specialising in helping people with a history of failed diets and fitness regimes to change their relationship with food and exercise for good. From unhealthy beginnings she overcame her own obstacles and now motivates and inspires others to become the healthier, leaner, happier people they’ve always wanted to be. Joanne is the author of What’s Your Excuse For Not Eating Healthily? and What’s Your Excuse For Not Getting Fit? Both are available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format. Joanne may be contacted on Mob: 07985 476 076; www.joannehenson.co.uk   Follow Joanne on Twitter: @Joannemh and @whats_yr_excuse

Articles by Joanne Henson

  1. Seven Ways to Beat a Lack of Willpower for Healthy Eating and Exercise

    Listed in weight loss

    So you’ve decided to start eating healthily and exercising. You want to lose a few pounds, tone up, have more energy and feel better about yourself. And this time it will be differe...

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