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Jeremy Lazarus is a former finance director and management consultant, and now a certified trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy(tm) and hypnosis. He is based in North London, and is a director of The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd and Artesian Group Ltd. These companies specialize in delivering approved NLP practitioner and master practitioner training, including Time Line Therapy(tm) and hypnosis training, as well as business training, executive and life coaching, and personal breakthrough sessions. Jeremy has spoken at the ANLP conference, and at regional NLP meetings on several occasions, and has appeared on television several times as a career coach. He can be contacted on Tel: 0044 208 349 2929; Fax: 0044 208 349 2928; Mobile: 0777 55 22239; jeremy@artesiangroup.co.uk or jeremy@thelazarus.com

Articles by Jeremy Lazarus

  1. NLP and Pregnancy

    Listed in nlp

    This article illustrates how NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and related techniques can be used to relieve common problems experienced during pregnancy and, in particular, childb...

  2. Chi-Neng Qigong - 21st Century Health Practice

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    Jeremy Leach relates his experience of the profound practice of Chi-Neng Qigong - the mind/body practice that can improve health, promote mental and emotional well-being and promise...

Book reviews by Jeremy Lazarus

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